We create a step-by-step, turn-key plan that prepares a company for sale and follows it through to closing

Sell-Side Business Consulting

Sell-Side Representation

Exclusive sell-side representation for privately-owned businesses in the lower middle market. Act as project manager to handle every facet of the sale from engagement to closing. Time tested process designed to maximize value with emphasis on discretion.

Partnership Buyouts

Debt Restructuring


Management Buyouts

Buy-Side Representation

Corporate Carve-Outs

5 Steps To Sell Your Business

Exceptional results through a highly discreet and exhaustive process

1. Enterprise and Asset Evaluation

Conduct a review of company financials, history, SWOT Analysis, Organization Charts, and other factors to determine the overall health and direction of the company. Identify specific factors that drive value.

2. Industry Evaluation

Research current industry trends and factors, including but not limited to recent trades and M&A activity.

3. Buyer Procurement

Strategically identify and contact potential buyers to begin the negotiation process.

4. Deal Terms Negotiation

Act as project manager utilizing various experts and consultants to negotiate best possible terms for seller with specific focus on legal, tax, and liability consequences.

5. Closing

Managing due diligence process all the way through to the closing table.

What Our Clients Say

SM2 Advisors, specifically Dan Smith, was the perfect solution for our need to sell a 52-year-old, continually growing business at the necessary time.  The search made for the right buyer was impressive…and the time it took was well worth the wait.  It was a smooth, efficient and thorough process and the business continued seamlessly throughout the transition.  The new owner absorbed the people and processes and has happily and successfully continued to grow the business.

We were totally satisfied and impressed with the entire process working with Dan Smith and SM2 Advisors. It was truly a win-win-win experience!

Beverly P. Controller Sell-Side Client

Without SM2 Advisors guiding us through the buying process and keeping us on point, a deal likely would have never been struck. It was a pleasure working with Dan and Wes and I am happy to now call both of them my good friends.

Micah M. Investor in New Car Franchised Auto Dealership Buy-Side Client

Selling our middle-market family owned business, which had been our life for more than 30 years was a big deal. It was not something we had done before and we knew nothing about how to go about it. We needed an organization with knowledge. We needed someone who could negotiate with the manufacturers we represented. We needed someone we could trust.

What we got from SM2 Advisors was that and so much more!  Dan, Wes and their team were with us every step of the way working to understand our needs, listening to our concerns, negotiating on our behalf, and doing everything possible to get the most value for our business. SM2 did not miss a single detail and they cared for us like we were their family through the process. In the beginning, we thought maybe we did not need an M&A Advisor. After all, we had successfully run a business for more than 30 years. We could figure out this process too. But looking back now, it was worth every penny.  And if we had to do it over again, we would want SM2 forging the way!

SM2 was amazing to work with. Even the buyer of our business said if he is ever in the market to sell, he wants SM2 on his side!

Thank you Dan, Wes and team for everything you did for us!

Tiffanie F. Owner, Heavy Equipment Dealer Sell-Side Client

We already had a buyer for our companies, but early on we realized we  needed separation in order for the process to proceed smoothly. We called Dan to be the go between because there were many components to manage; Business, Real Estate and Manufacturer Distributers . Dan was previously very diligent in representing a client for a piece of property owned by our company and we felt that he would represent us equally as well during this process. During the 6 months it took, Dan managed a very difficult buyer and exceeded our expectations bringing the highest amount paid at the time for our type of business.

Tom S. Multi-location, Multi-Franchise Exotic Auto Dealer Sell-Side Client